BUCS 2016

BUCS karate 2016 was one of the toughest and best ever editions, with several universities bringing larger than ever teams. Edinburgh’s Shukokai and Shotokan karate clubs came to Sheffield brimming with confidence from a five-year winning streak, hoping to defend this for another year. Saturday started with team kata, where Edinburgh was long-standing reigning champions, but Cambridge’s team proved too tough in the semi-final and knocked Edinburgh out, going on to win the competition. Edinburgh’s team, Yui, Tony and Denny, came back in the repêchage and delivered a stunning bronze final performance to the loudest applause of the day, claiming Edinburgh’s first medal. Throughout the weekend, Edinburgh had many frustratingly close misses in quarters, semis and bronze finals, but claimed bronze medals in novice and intermediate kata by Swie Joo Liem and Suzuka Nakagawa respectively. In kumite, Iona Frost lost a close semi-final, but convincingly won her senior U68kg bronze final to bring home yet another medal to her collection. The kumite teams put on strong performances, with a last-second head kick securing the bronze for the women’s team. The men’s team also delivered a solid performance that bodes well for the future, taking Edinburgh’s first male team kumite medal since 2012 with their bronze.


Karate pic 1

Denny Gombalova dominated the intermediate kata category last year, and it was hard to tell how well she would fare when she entered the senior category this year. She made it all the way to the final, and although the margins were just against her with three flags to her opponent versus Denny’s two, her silver medal this year tells us there might be more to come! We also saw an outstanding performance in male kumite, where Daniel Hogg powered his way through the knockout stages to reach the final of the largest category of the championship: the men’s U75kg kumite. In a very tense fight where neither fighter dared give the other any room to attack, Daniel suffered a 0-1 loss, but brought home an excellent silver. For last year’s novice U63kg silver medallist Morgan Trigg, the expectations were high after teammate and last year’s champion Amy Robinson had moved up to senior. Morgan flew through her category and put on a strong show in her final to claim the gold for Edinburgh. In the end, Middlesex and Bath shared the overall title, but with the new developments in the Edinburgh team, we warn them against getting too comfortable, because Edinburgh is coming back for it next year!



Medal table:

Gold: Morgan Trigg – U63kg novice female kumite
Silver: Denny Gombalova – Senior Female kata
Silver: Daniel Hogg – U75kg senior male kumite
Bronze: Iona Frost – U68kg senior female kumite
 Suzuka Nakagawa – Intermediate female kata
Bronze: Swie Joo Liem – Novice female kata
Bronze: Iona Frost, Yui Pluksaranun, Suzuka Nakagawa and Kate Hopkins – Female team kumite
Bronze: Daniel Hogg, Antonio Wong, Aslak Veierud Busch, Stuart Hunter, Uonas Raulavicius and Alex Stewart – Male team kumite
Bronze: Antonio Wong, Yui Pluksaranun and Denny Gombalova – Team kata


Make sure to have a look at the videos on our YouTube channel. More videos to come!


Seminars autumn 2015

As everyone is settling into their routines again after a busy few weeks at the start of term, we have big plans coming up, and would like to invite you to some seminars coming up!

The first one is this weekend (23rd and 24th of October) with coach Tony Torres:

We have invited Tony Torres over for another workshop, which we are very excited about! For those of you don’t know who he is and what he does, Tony Torres has had a long and very successful career as a martial artist and personal safety professional, developing and teaching what we now use as our core self defence syllabus, as well as having a great deal of skill and insight into other systems. If you want to read more about coach Torres, here’s some info from a Q&A session after his last seminar here in 2014: http://www.dynamis.training/self-protection-trainer/coach-torres/

The seminar takes place in Gym 4, St Leonard’s Land, same place as normal training, at 18.30-21.30 on the Friday and 10.00-12.00 on Saturday!

At this workshop, we will cover defence lab material on the Friday night, and on Saturday we will do more advanced stuff, introducing gracie jiu jitsu basics. Both days will cover fundamentals, so beginners are very welcome to both, and we can guarantee you learn loads!

To attend both days, we will charge £35, if you are only available for one day, there’s a one-day option for £20!

To sign up, talk to a committee member, who will point you in the right direction.

Next, we are once again inviting kaicho Allan Amor over to host a seminar, on the 14th and 15th of November!

This seminar gives a very good insight into traditional Okinawan karate, with an abundance of technical input, kata and application. There will also be a portion dedicated to kobudo (tradtional weapons) through the weekend. The final details of what day will be spent on what are yet to be confirmed, but the information will come soon!

In the meanwhile, look at what we did last time kaicho Amor visited in November 2014!


Ryukyu Kempo summer camp 2015

A group of EUSKC members have returned and others are still returning from a week of training in Missouri, US. They went across the Atlantic to get a top-up on the Ryukyu Kempo aspect of our syllabus from the leader of the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance, Kaicho Allan Amor. From their pictures and stories, it sounds like a fantastic and exhausting trip brimful with karate and new friends!



Welcome back to Scotland!