Blues and Colours awards 2015

As the year draws to an end, the Sports Union awards Half-Blues, Blues and Colours to students who have shown commitment and achievement to the development of a sports club and to university sport.



EUSKC had five club members present, and congratulate the award recipients!

COLOURS for going above and beyond the call of duty in their committee or voluntary roles:
Andrea Kemter
Zachary Janes
Alice Helliwell

HALF BLUE for outstanding sporting achievement:
Aslak Veierud Busch

BLUE for outstanding sporting achievement:
Zachary Janes
Andrea Kemter
Yui Pluksaranun

Also a huge congratulation to Zach for getting shortlisted for Student Coach of the Year, which acknowledges the exceptional coaching he has provided while still studying for his PhD

Well done!

Blackbelt grading

Edinburgh University Shukokai Karate had the pleasure of seeing three students grade to their 1st dan, in addition to one to progressing even further to achieve her 2nd dan!

Congratulations to Andrea Kemter, Stef Bonat and Luke Robinson on grading to 1st dan, and to Alice for grading to 2nd dan!

SSS Champions 2015!

More competition success!

Edinburgh Shukokai follows up the BUCS victory with another SSS overall victory in Scotstoun!

With 55 points, Edinburgh Shukokai beat Glasgow in second (18 points) and Aberdeen in third (7) to make it 17 in a row!

Edinburgh medals

  • Gold, Female Novice Kata – Morgan Trigg
  • Bronze, Female Novice Kata – Swie Joo Liem
  • Silver, Male Novice Kata – Alex Stewart
  • Gold, Female Senior Kata – Yui Matsuda Pluksaranun
  • Gold, Senior Male Kata – Zachary Janes
  • Silver, Senior Male Kata – Luke Robinson
  • Bronze, Senior Male Kata – Aslak Veierud Busch
  • Gold, Team Kata – Edinburgh A (Luke Robinson, Andrea Kemter, Aslak Veierud Busch)
  • Silver, Team Kata – Edinburgh B (Swie Joo Liem, Morgan Trigg, Jun Nakamaru-Pinder)
  • Gold, Female Novice Kumite – Morgan Trigg
  • Silver, Female Novice Kumite – Swie Joo Liem
  • Bronze, Female Novice Kumite – Andrea Yew
  • Bronze, Female Novice Kumite – Lucy McLay
  • Gold, Female Senior Kumite – Iona Frost
  • Silver, Female Senior Kumite – Sotia Zenios
  • Bronze, Female Senior Kumite – Yui Matsuda Pluksaranun
  • Gold, Female Team Kumite – Edinburgh A (Sotia Zenios, Yui Matsuda Pluksaranun, Andrea Kemter, Iona Frost)
  • Bronze, Female Team Kumite  – Edinburgh B (Morgan Trigg, Swie Joo Liem, Lucy McLay, Andrea Yew)
  • Bronze, Male Team Kumite – Edinburgh (Aslak Veierud Busch, Alex Stewart, Jun Nakamaru-Pinder

    Well done!