BUCS Champions 2015!


Edinburgh claims the BUCS title for the fifth year running, beating the previous record of four consecutive wins. This also means Edinburgh has won BUCS karate 10 times in the last 15 years!


Edinburgh ended up on a total of 84 points, with Bath in second on 44 and Coventry in third with 32.

Edinburgh medals:

  • Gold, Mixed Team Kata – Edinburgh (Antonio Wong, Denisa Gombalova, Yui Matsuda Pluksaranun)
  • Gold, Female Intermediate Kata – Denisa Gombalova
  • Bronze, Female Intermediate Kata – Andrea Kemter
  • Gold, Male Intermediate Kata – Luke Robinson
  • Bronze, Male Intermediate Kata – Aslak Veierud Busch
  • Gold, Female Team Kumite – Edinburgh (Iona Frost, Sotia Zenios, Yui Matsuda Pluksaranun, Andrea Kemter)
  • Gold, Female Novice Kumite U63kg – Amy Robinson
  • Silver, Female Novice Kumite U63kg – Morgan Trigg
  • Gold, Female Novice Kumite O63kg – Kate Hopkins
  • Gold, Female Senior Kumite U50kg – Sotia Zenios
  • Bronze, Female Senior Kumite U55kg – Denisa Gombalova
  • Bronze, Female Senior Kumite U68kg – Iona Frost

EUSKC Self Protection EdEx Event October 2014

Good attendance, a lot of fun and hopefully a number of safer students after our EdEx event this week. We kicked off with a talk from coach Zachary Janes about the psychology behind self protection, which was followed by an introduction into the Functional Edge System (Ger O’Dea, Paul Skelding, Zachary Janes, Peter Gibbons, Joe Farrimond), from surviving attacks to reversing and engaging. If that sounds interesting or you were there and want more, keep an eye out for the next set of self protection events and of course come join the club!

Photos of the event can be found on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Edinburgh-University-Shukokai-Karate-Club/357540581057906 .

Club Social – Black belt challenge!


With the first training of semester done, the first club social event is coming up fast, and it is of course the return of our annual Black Belt challenge – a karate-themed blend of flat crawl, pub crawl and night out!

Where: Meet outside Teviot.

When: 7PM, this Saturday (Sep 20th).

What to wear: Try to make as many items as possible be the colour of your belt. If you don’t know which colour you are – wear white.

We’ll be visiting a number of flats and public houses, and drinking, playing games and generally being sociable. This is usually a great chance to see coaches and senior members making total and utter prats of themselves. Not to be missed! Drinks are coloured themed (alcohol content optional), and the aim is to make it through the ranks to black by the end of the night! Once that is conquered, we move on to Boteco do Brasil to celebrate the stunning achievement!