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The Club - Seminar Instructors


Patrick McCarthy teaching at EU Shukokai, November 2003

EU Shukokai is distinctive by the number of high-quality instructors who grace the dojo every single academic term. The coaching staff at EU Shukokai believe in making the best instructors in the world available to students, on a regular basis. Over the last several years, Steven Webster and Gerard O'Dea have studied with these instructors, and forged relationships between them and their club, to ensure that the teaching at EU Shukokai continues to be world-class.

In the past many martial arts instructors, threatened by the idea that another instructor or style may lure their student away, actively discouraged the attendance of seminars by their students. This narrow-mindedness is not conducive to a progressive environment, thus we support the notion that to be the best, you must study with the best, direct from the source. Furthermore, the coaches at EU Shukokai study in-depth with each of the visiting instructors, to ensure that the principles and methods that they teach become part and parcel of everyday coaching at EU Shukokai. Steven Webster and Gerard O'Dea have taught for, and studied with all of the following instructors, not only in the United Kingdom, but in the United States, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Australia.

EU Shukokai Karate Club is recognised worldwide as a key venue in the international seminar circuit; as such, seminar instructors around the world are delighted to receive invitation to our dojo. While we ensure continuity with the core seminar instructors, we invite ingenuity by ensuring that we are always bringing in fresh instructors, with fresh ideas.

For beginners, these seminar instructors form a vital and key ingredient in your syllabus of training; for senior students, EU Shukokai opens up a lifetime of study, with instructors you will be able to continue to train with no matter where in the world your training takes you.

Some of the instructors who visit our club annually, follow:


Sensei Rick Clark (8th Dan)

Professor Rick Clark has created the Ao-Denkou Kai, an organisation formed around the core methods and tactics he teaches within his worldwide seminars. The thread that binds the diversity of styles within Ao Denkou Kai, is kyusho waza, or vital point techniques. ADK Yudansha refine skills in locating, traumatising and capitalising on vital points. Furthermore, vital point techniques ultimately permeate the student's skills, so that the Kyusho are not an 'art unto themselves' but simply increase the effectiveness of all aspects of the student's art, from their core delivery system outwards.


Hanshi Patrick McCarthy (8th Dan)

Koryu Uchinadi is the ongoing culmination of Patrick McCarthy's decades of research and training 'at the source'. His International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Research Society is an information-based organization dedicated to studying, the origins, ethos & technical theories of karate & kobudo. One of his key accomplishments has been the re-introduction of the practice of two-person drills into the Karate syllabus, whereby the student may discover the defensive themes and tactical solutions heretofore hidden within the ancient defensive templates known as Kata, while engaging in dynamic continuous practice.


Soke J K Yamaue (10th Dan)

Soke J.K. Yamaue was introduced to Judo as a child by his father Yamaue Motoi (1915-1974) , a school master and judo expert (a member of the Japanese Olympic Committee) as well as Kendo. He also studied Goju ryu and Karate from his uncle T.Inoue. He practiced Nippon Shirinji Kempo (a combination of Chinese Kung Fu and Daito-Ryu ) while in high school, as well as studying Daito-Ryu under the legendary Hisa Takuma who was his grandfather. This gave him the Daito-Ryu basis for the Family art he founded as Yamaue Aiki Budo. In 1970, he relocated to Denmark, where he trained with such greats as Nato sensei in Judo and Tonegawa-Sensei in Gensei-Ryu before opening his first dojo. His art is based on a number of uniquely explained key theories, spiral movement and centripetal force, allowing us a distinct insight into Japanese "Aiki".


Sensei Vince Morris (7th Dan)

Seminars with Sensei Vince Morris should be mandatory requirements, to haul martial artists back to the stark reality, that without the underlying martial skills, and the honed delivery system, the rest is academic. Vince teaches that the "Laws of Combat" must be applied to each application of technique. As well as researching the application of Karate Kata as part of his International Institute for Kyusho-Jutsu Research, a great deal of Vince's time is taken up teaching Officer Protection courses for Law Enforcement Officers and for elements of the Military. He is a member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, and Director of Law Enforcement Training Services.


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