Do I need to be a student at Edinburgh University?

In most cases, the sports union requires club members to be fully matriculated students at the university. In certain cases exceptions can be made (e.g. university staff/alumni), contact the club committee for more information.

I have never done karate before, will the standard be too high?

We make sure we cater for ALL abilities. The majority of our members join the club with little or no martial arts experience. We both split classes to encourage specific focus on key areas with others of a similar ability, as well as joining the class to enable people to learn from others and learn to work with people of varying abilities.

I don’t have a karate suit, is that okay? What do I train in?

The vast majority of beginners will be in the same situation. Training in a tracksuit is absolutely fine; just something that permits flexibility and agility. The club places regular equipment orders throughout the year.

Are there adequate changing and shower facilities?

The majority of the club bring stuff to shower and change before heading on to the pub afterwards! It would be great if you could bring things to change into then join us at the pub.

Do I need to attend every session to avoid being left behind with learning?

Many people with busy schedules struggle to attend every sessions and this is not a problem. You should never feel any pressure to train more than you want to, just whatever you are comfortable with. Core material will be repeated, both for those who missed out and to strive to perfect them.

I have lectures/work until late during the week and would end up regularly being late to training. Is that okay?

We encourage members to try and make it to training on time. However, if you will regularly be late to class for a valid reason, such as lectures or work finishing late, just let one of the coaches know.

I have a belt with another club. Should I wear it to training?

By all means wear ANY colour of belt that you have obtained with another club. However, to grade with our club you need to make sure you have completed the relevant areas of our syllabus for the grade you are wanting to obtain.

How much does membership cost, and what does it include?

Club membership is £40/£55 for students/non-students for the 2018/2019 academic year which includes ALL term-time classes you wish to attend. All members of a Sports Union Club are also required to hold a CSE membership.  We also offer a starter pack for students which includes membership along with a gi and t-shirt for £45.



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