At EUSKC we make sure all members, new and old, are catered for in terms of kit. Whether new to martial arts, or having a specific idea of what kit you are after, we make sure to provide the requested or offer advice on kit purchase.

All necessary kit is available for order through our club. We place 3 bulk orders per year:

  1. At the beginning of semester 1 (end of September) to cater for new members.
  2. Pre-BUCS (mid March) to cater for team competitors.
  3. Pre-Summer (end May).
  • These times are a rough guide and are not restricted to the purposes indicated.

All our orders guarantee reduced price due to the nature of our ordering system. The club orders through Blitz, and can therefore provide anything desired through this website. We recommend considering ordering one of our packs (again to guarantee reduced cost), depending on what you are ordering:

  • Beginner’s pack: Includes a multi-purpose gi recommended to those new to karate.
  • Competition pack: Includes hand pads, foot and shin guards, mouth guard and a groin/chest protector.

We ensure to make regular updates at training and on our Facebook group to ensure that you are aware of every order we are placing and don’t miss out.

Aside from our bulk orders, we are able to place individual orders if required. Please contact a committee member via email, or at training, for details.

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